5 steps to Create a powerful vision board

My 2019 Vision Board

My 2019 Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a great reminder of what you are aspiring to achieve. Here's a bit of guidance to help you if you've never done one.

You can do this in 30 minutes or 2 hours - depends how much time you want to spend on it! You could also do it in a few different sessions if you want to take your time.

1. Decide the focus of your vision board

You can do a board on whatever you want, but it is important that it is focussed on something specific. Here are some ideas:

  • A specific goal, for example a health and wellbeing goal, or a financial goal

  • What you want to achieve in the next 12 months

  • The ideal lifestyle you want to have

  • Your business and what you want to achieve

Before starting your board, write down what you want your board to focus on, and start jotting down the words or phrases that are coming to your mind. Think about what you want to achieve, but also how you want to feel. Here are some questions to help you start:

What activities do you want to do more of?

Who do you want to spend time with?

What do you want to discover and learn about?

What do you want to achieve this year?

Where do you want to take your business or career?

What product or service do you want to provide to your clients?

Your board could cover different aspects, but make sure they are clearly separated so it doesn't become chaotic.

2. Collect a bundle of magazines

It could either be magazines that you've been keeping or you can buy new ones. Pick magazines that resonate with you and that have a mix of picture and text.

You can also add the stuff you want to look at every day: photos, quotes, sayings, images of places you want to go, reminders of events, places, or people, postcards from friends and just about anything that will inspire you.

3. Find pictures and words that inspire you

Go through the magazines and cut out pictures and words that represent your goals and speak to your heart in some meaningful way.  Create an atmosphere that's right for you: think of the music you'd like to listen to, maybe light a candle or incense stick.

When looking for images and words in the magazines, look for those that immediately make you say, “Yes! That is what I want in my life!” They don’t have to be physical objects or literal interpretations of what you want in your life. Instead, focus on how the images and words make you feel.

Words are as important as the pictures. Maybe the words you chose will describe how you want to feel, or maybe it's a quote or a sentence that resonates with you.

If you’d like to move to a home with waterfront property, don’t worry if you can’t find a picture of your perfect “dream home.” Perhaps a picture of an idyllic ocean sunset will be enough to inspire you. Or if you’d like to attract new relationships into your life, instead of hunting for a picture of a man or woman who meets your physical ideal, find a picture that represents love to you – an image of two people holding hands, or even a picture of a heart, for example.

If you can't find the words or images that you want in the magazines, why not drawing them yourself?

4. Make a collage out of your photos

Once you have collected enough photos and words, it’s time to make your vision board! You can use a cork board or large piece of cardboard.

Then glue, tack, or tape your pictures and words to the cardboard or cork board in an arrangement that is visually pleasing to you. Play with stickers, masking tapes, origami paper...

5. Find the right place for your vision board

To get the full benefit from your vision board, it’s important for you to place it somewhere you can see it every day. Maybe it's in your bedroom, or in your home office?

Look at it often to remind yourself of what you want to achieve and connect yourself with the feelings underpinning your aspiration.

Someone I know just recently created a ‘vision wall’ on an empty space - she sees it every morning when coming out of her bedroom!