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What is it?

#MayMeetTheCoach is a daily photo challenge that takes place in May on Instagram and Facebook.

It starts on May 1st and lasts the whole month.

It allows coaches to tell their story, share their insights and make new connections across the world. It enables us to build a supportive coaching community online.

All coaches - and related professions - can take part - whether you're training or qualified, whether you're a one-person business or bigger business.

You can join in at any time. If you've missed the beginning, you can either catch up on the days you've missed or just start whenever you want.

It's inspired by the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge initiated by Joanne Hawker in 2016. A few makers I follow take part in the challenge and I found it so interesting to view a different side of their business that I wanted to share it within my community.

How does it work?

There's a prompt for every day of the month.

Post a picture or quote relating to the prompt with the hashtag #MayMeetTheCoach2019 (and any other # you want).

You can also add a caption to explain your photo or just leave it at that!

If it can help, here's a template to caption your posts:

Day xx | prompt | #MayMeetTheCoach2019

Your text

Your hashtags

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag to see what everyone else is posting, comment on others’ post, learn new things and meet new people.

Tips and tools to help you

Posting everyday can be a bit of a challenge. Plan your posts ahead by downloading and printing this free planner to write down your ideas.

Siobhan, the social media consultant behind Story and Social, recommended me to use Trello (I use both the desktop and phone apps) to plan my content. Here’s a screenshot of my Instagram board on Trello to show you how it works.

Follow the hashtag to be inspired by what others’ are posting.

If you can’t think of a picture to take yourself, head over to Unsplash, where you’ll find beautiful pictures to download and use for free.

Couple of rules (and that's it)

  • Please post in English only so that everyone can understand.

  • Only use the # as part of the challenge so that it remains relevant.

Thank you for taking part and have fun!