Coaching brings clarity

Adharma Garden Saroj Street Art brick lane London.jpg

I came across this mural by Saroj as I was walking around Brick Lane to find a backdrop for my professional pics. I instantly liked it: I saw the birds freeing themselves and getting away from the goblin. I then looked into the meaning of the word Adharma: it is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as chaos, disorder and disharmony.

Coaching will help you free yourself from your own goblins, whatever they are. Maybe it’s a self-limiting belief, or lack of confidence, or your ego talking louder than your intuition. Coaching brings clarity to replace the chaos. It helps you see clearly in the disorder that is life and find the thread to hold onto and move forward. 

"Adharma Garden” by Saroj

Hanbury Street, London

October 2018