Personal development and career COACHING

personal development and career coaching people at heart

Whether you are a student or a graduate just starting out your career, or you are a senior professional with several years of experience behind you, I can help you find a career that makes you happy



at a cross roads in your career?

stuck and not sure how to move forward?

thinking about starting your own business?

dreaming about something you’ve always wanted to do?

feeling demotivated and unchallenged in your current role?


be empowered to make a change?

move forward in your life or career?

find your strengths?

feel more confident and courageous?

go on a journey to discover what is really true for you?


Understanding what your strengths and values are will set you on the path to discovering the career that will make you happy. We will also talk about what’s blocking you in getting there and what actions you can take to reach your goal.



My role is to ask you questions, listen to you and challenge your thinking. Through collaborative one-to-one sessions you will:

  • Raise your self-awareness

  • Build your confidence

  • Set your objectives

  • Open up possibilities

  • Be empowered to make your own choices

  • Take the actions that will help you change

Who do I work with?

 I work with anyone who is ready to invest in their personal development and make a change in their life.

Are you a student? You may be wondering what is the best path for you to take to find a career that will make you happy.

Are you a graduate? You may find that the career that you have chosen isn’t quite the right one, and you are ready to explore new possibilities.

Are you a professional? You may be at a stage where work doesn’t fulfill you anymore and you want to make a change in your life.

Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur? You may be thinking about setting up a business and you need help to find clarity and organise yourself.


We start with (free) discovery call where we can talk about your background and what you’d like coaching on. We’ll also discuss my coaching approach and ways of working. This conversation is a great opportunity to test if we could work well together. You'll get a taster of what coaching with me is like and I'll answer any question you might have.

If we decide to work together, we will agree when and where sessions will take place. I offer sessions via phone/video call, or face-to-face within Central London, either in a public space or a walk in a green space. Sessions are available on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.

We will also discuss how much you are ready to invest in your personal development and career change.

Being bi-lingual, I offer sessions in both French and English.