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Want to change careers but not sure where to start?

Do you feel your current career isn’t aligned with your values and passions?

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find a career that makes you happy

find a career that makes you happy people at heart coaching

Finding the career that will make you happy isn’t easy. Where do you even begin? These six modules will cover different areas to think about when changing careers. You will receive six workbooks to complete in your own time, and you’ll debrief each module over the phone with an experienced personal development & career coach.

Each workbook is packed with insights, thought provoking self-reflection and action-planning activities, that will help you challenge your vision of yourself, your career and your future. You will explore your personality, motivations, dreams, and start planning the next steps in your career. After completing each step of the process, you will feel energised and ready to tackle the next step in your journey. By the end of the programme, you will be ready to make change happen!   

find a career that makes you happy

Step 1| What gets you out of bed?

Find your Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese word that translates as ‘a reason to get up in the morning’. In this module, we will explore the different aspects of Ikigai to help you identify your dream career:

  • Do what you love

  • Do what you’re good at

  • Do something the world needs

  • Do something you can be paid for

find a career that makes you happy

2| What future do you want?

Visualise your dreams

Visualising the kind of future you want will help you start your journey. Visualisation is a powerful tool to make ideas come true. We will be exploring the lifestyle and career you want through visualisation and coaching exercises. You will leave this workshop feeling a step closer to your dream career!

find a career that makes you happy

3| What drives you?

Find alignment

What really gets out of bed? What makes you angry? What makes you happy? Values are what drive us, and if you can’t meet them in your life and work, then unhappiness is around the corner. In this workshop, you will complete different exercises to explore your values and preferences, and think about how you will include them in your career.

find a career that makes you happy

4| What energises you?

Know your strengths

You know that feeling when you’re doing something that you don’t like? It just drains you, right? Let’s focus on what gets your energy levels up: your strengths. This workshop covers a very simple strength profiling approach that will help you understand what you’re good at and brings joy to your life, and explore how to include it in your career.

find a career that makes you happy

5| What’s stopping you?

Take stock

Before starting your change journey, let’s take a moment to look back at what you have done so far. We’ll talk about what’s stopped you from achieving your dream career and how to effectively remove these obstacles. In this workshop, you will experiment with reflection techniques and explore your self-limiting beliefs.

find a career that makes you happy

6| how to make change happen?

Go forward

After having spent all this time on looking inwards, let’s start looking forward! Changing your career requires you to set a direction and stick to it. During the workshop, we will play with different goal-setting techniques and get you all fired up to make change happen! 


What do you get?

  • Six workbooks packed with thought-provoking self-reflection and action-planning exercises

  • Six 30-minute conversations with an experienced career coach to debrief your thoughts and actions after completing each module

  • Six “Further thinking” worksheets with additional exercises to help you go further with each topic - optional to complete

  • One 60-minute coaching conversation at the end of the programme to help you clarify what came up during the programme and talk through your actions

How does it work?

You receive a zip file of fillable printer-friendly documents by email. You need a printer, a pen, coloured pencils or felt-tip pens, scissors, glue or double-sided tape.

Set a date with yourself. Decide how often you’d like to sit down to complete each module. I recommend every week to keep the momentum going, but you could also do it every 2 weeks, or once a month! Block a couple of hours, make sure you will not be disturbed, leave your phone in another room, find a place that you’re comfortable and get started!

When you’re finished with the module, email me to organise your 30-minute debrief conversation.

How much?

£150 - a bargain!

If you’d like to receive the pack already printed, you’ll need to add an extra £20 for printing and postage