Knowing your drivers

Understand your true self in less than one hour

Step 3 of 6 in finding a career that makes you happy

knowing your drivers

Understanding what drives you is a critical step in your journey of finding a career that makes you happy. It’s about understanding how you make decisions, behave and communicate with others.

What drives us?

There’s no short answer to that question…

your values

Values are what drive our thoughts, behaviours, actions and decisions. They set the direction we want to follow in life, like a compass. They define who we are and what we want to be. Our values are usually positive and aspirational, and they motivate us through life.

What happens when we don't meet our values? It can feel like there's a disconnect, something is not quite right. It can lead to unhappiness. Because when we're not aligned with our values, we deny ourselves what's most important.

Values are usually pretty stable, but they can change over time, depending on life experiences, relationships, events. Their level of priority might change depending on specific situations too.


your personality traits

Your personality is made of many traits that explain why you behave, communicate and make decisions in a certain way. Some of our personality traits come in our genes and others develop through our environment, education, family, and society.

Our personality type is again pretty stable, but it can change slightly as we grow older and our experience changes the way we do things.


Your motivations

Motivation is as the force that drives us to pursue a goal, to meet a need. It’s a starting point for all the choices that we make. In general, we are motivated to maximise pleasure and minimise pain.

The outcome we are reaching for can either be external, like a reward or validation from others, or internal, such as deriving pleasure from doing something or keeping control of something.


All the above combine into a unique set that is you! And that’s why your decisions, actions and interactions with others are truly unique to you.  

Exploring and identifying your values, personality traits and motivations will help understand why past choices haven’t worked and how to make new decisions.

Identifying your values

knowing your drivers

Knowing yourself starts with your values. If you don’t know what they are, you may feel a sense of misalignment, of unhappiness that you can’t quite explain. Once you’ll have clarified your values, you’ll be able to be more authentic, to be your true self and make decisions accordingly.

So let’s get started! Here’s an activity for you to do in less than one hour.

First, answer these 3 questions:

Remember your happiest time: what were you doing? Who were you with? What factors contributed to your happiness?

Remember your proudest moment: what were you doing? Who were you with? What factors contributed to your pride?

What makes you angry and frustrated around you, in your community or in the world as a whole?


Then have a look at the list of values in the worksheet, and complete these steps:

1. Highlight or circle the ones that are important to you

2. Add anything that you want to the list

3. Select the 5 most important values. To get there, you can bundle similar values together and rename them…

4. Select THE top value that’s most important to you

5. Describe that value - What does it mean for you? How do you demonstrate it? Is it represented in your life and career at the moment? How will you make sure it is?


I hope that completing this activity will help you gain clarity and will add to your thinking about a new career. But the journey is not over. Knowing what drives you is only one of the building bricks in finding a career that makes you happy.

Understanding your personality

This topic deserves its own article! There’s so much to say about personality traits, I’m a bit of a geek about it! But I don’t want to leave you hanging with nothing, so here’s another freebie for you.



If you want to know more about your personality, you can start by taking the free 16personalities test. It’ll give a pretty detailed overview of your profile. But it can feel a bit overwhelming if it’s the first time you’re taking that kind of test.


So if you want to explore further your personality traits, get in touch to arrange a discounted 90-minute personality profiling session (£99 instead of £150 until the end of August). Included in the session is a personalised report about your personality type.


Download the worksheet, grab a pen and free-up at least one hour to work on your values. Add another hour if you want to do your personality profile.

Once you’re finished, discuss your ideas and thoughts with a supportive friend or family member. Find someone that will fully listen to you, challenge you and add value to your thinking.

You could also start the conversation with a career coach. A coach will ask you the right questions to make you think about what you truly want to do, and help figure out the next steps in your career change journey.

If you’re ready to invest in your career change, I've designed a 6-step online programme combining insightful workbooks and powerful coaching conversations. You do it from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, and I'm here to support you throughout your journey.

In next week’s blog, we will explore what energises you, and why it’s important to work to your strengths.

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